One label can not solve all problems. Handheld inkjet printers are born to improve the outdated method of labeling. Handheld inkjet printer alias TIJ or inkjet printer. It works by using an external print-head to release ink onto the substrate, with specialized inks that dry quickly. When dry, the ink provides high-quality, long-lasting marks.

The main concern of handheld products is that the product is portable and moderate in weight. Product using is not limited by time and space. Pogo pins as precision hardware just meet these stringent requirements. The conventional single pogo pin connector consisits of three parts: plunger, barrel, and spring. Then it is made by riveting and pressing with precision equipment.

Why are pogo pins suitable for handheld inkjet printers? Firstly, pogo pins are very small and do not take up space in handheld devices. The SMD/SMT assembly method of the pogo pin connector can realize automatic assembly that saves labor costs and improves production efficiency. Secondly, the pogo pins can meet the maximum current requirement of 30A, and the current and voltage are stable to ensure the normal operation of the product when in use. Finally, although the pogo pin is small in size, its service life can reach up to 1 million times. Consequently, using the right method can make the most of the value.  At the same time, bring the ultimate product experience.

CFE has independently developed the pogo pin connector solution for the printing industry – 52pin pogo pin connector. This product can be applied to printing equipment such as 3D printers, office equipment, office printers, etc. CFE, a solution provider of pogo pin magnetic connectors, takes the design, development, and manufacture of high-precision and reliable products as its own responsibility. We strive to provide customers with excellent and professional products and services continuously.