Pogo pin is precision hardware part. It is widely used in consumer electronics, automobiles, medical devices, new energy and other fields. Conventional pogo pin consists of plunger, barrel and spring. The contact force of the pogo pin converts from the elastic force provided by the spring to the plunger.

When designing the spring, the first thing to determine is the size of the spring space. That is, the free length of the pogo pin, the compacted length, and the length of the step inside the barrel. Within the available spring space, engineers must balance three elements. That is spring force, mechanical life, and needle step length to accommodate deflection. In general spring design, the total length of the spring is relatively infinite, and the fatigue life of millions of times can easily achieve. If the total length of the pogo pin is limited, it is necessary to provide an appropriate spring force to ensure good contact resistance. Then the total length of the spring, the exposed length of the needle, the length of the steps, and the mechanical life are compromising accordingly.

Springs are currently available in stainless steel, piano wire, and beryllium copper. Among them, stainless steel wire is a spring material. Stainless steel has better performance in corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, and non-magnetic aspects. The piano steel wire has good elasticity and high strength. And can provide higher elasticity under the same size. However, the piano wire contains magnetism and needs to degaussed.

Beryllium copper has very good electrical conductivity and good fatigue resistance. However, there is no way to make springs with small diameters. Because of the low tensile strength and low elastic force of beryllium copper.

In addition to the above commonly used spring materials, there are other special spring materials such as high temperature springs and corrosion-resistant springs. They can all achieve different excellent performances through different surface treatment processes.

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