Pogo pin is a commonly electronic component. Its function is  connecting single and power between circuit board and other electronic devices. The contact resistance is an important performance index when using pogo pin.It can directly affect the stability and reliability of single transmission.

Contact resistance refers to resistance value between two connector. Many factors affect the contact resistance of pogo pins, such as the shape, material, plating and contact force of connector. Consider the above factors when designing and selecting pogpins to ensure that the contact resistance is within an acceptable range.

Generally speaking, the contact resistance of pogo pin should be as small as possible to guarantee the stability and reliability of single transmission. Generally, the contact resistance should be below a few milliohms, preferably several hundreds of milliohms. If the contact resistance is too high, it may cause signal distortion, circuit failure or malfunction of the equipment.

To reduce the contact resistance, the following methods are for reference.

  1. Choosing high-quality connector,such as gold-plated or silver-plated contacts.
  2. Optimize contactor shape and design. Ensure maximum contact area and uniform contact force.
  3. Using appropriate contact force, too small contact force may lead to unstable contact, and excessive contact force may damage electronic components.

In conclusion, the contact resistance of pogo pin is one of the important factors affecting its performance. It needs to be considered in the design and selection, and the contact resistance can be reduced by optimizing the shape, material and contact force of the contactor. Ensure the stability and reliability of signal transmission.

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