Global water security initiatives, including the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, are urging water industry leaders to improve potable water safety. And reducing carbon footprint to achieve more sustainable water management. Therefore, more and more water distribution systems are equipping with smart water meters nowadays. The quality of the pogo pin, the component used in them, has also changed.

As a new type of metering equipment, smart water meter integrates microelectronics technology, computer information technology and sensing technology. As an important device for metering water charges, it not only brings a lot of convenience to people’s life and work, but also saves labor costs. It also realizes the scientific management of water supply enterprises.

Smart water meters must conform to the concept of sustainable development. Therefore, the environmental protection requirements for components are very high. To keep users’ safety, suppliers need to ensure that all materials comply with ever-evolving regulations. At present, CFE has been contributing its meager efforts in fulfilling corporate social responsibility. The pogo pin using on smart water meters are made of lead-free brass to eliminate the risk of any potentially harmful substances leaching into drinking water.

Environmentally friendly pogo pins applied to smart water meters