During the production process of magnetic cable connector,customers sometimes have customized requirements, such as adding logo on the surface of magnetic cable. At this time, we need plastic surface treatment technology. Today, let’s introduce several plastic surface treatment technologies.

  • Surface printing: pad printing and screen printing

Pad printing: A designed pattern on the printing plate. The printing plate is coated with ink and the pad printing head is dipped into the ink. The pattern is then printed onto the surface of the printed item.

Screen printing: The printing plate is in the shape of a mesh. The ink that through the extrusion of the blade or squeegee transfers to the substrate through the mesh of the pattern.

  • Laser engraving

After the laser partially irradiates the surface material, a chemical reaction of vaporization or color change occurs.A marking method that leaves a permanent mark.

  • NCVM(Non-conductive vacuum metalization)

A non-conductive vacuum metallization coating process, NCVM uses special metals to produce metallic luster but non-conductive films.

Advantages: Withstand high voltage tens of thousands of volts. Do not block the signal.

  • Electroplating plastic

Electroplating plastic is a technology that makes plastic obtain a metal surface effect. Electroplating plastic can effectively improve the appearance of plastics, as well as electrical and thermal properties. Improve surface mechanical strength.

  • Thermal spraying

Use a spray gun to atomize and spray the paint on the workpiece.

If the customer requests to customize the logo on the magnetic connector. CFE mainly uses laser engraving technology that  has good processing effect.