The spring loaded electrical contact or probe is spring loaded and includes a cylinder and plunger with internal spring. The test probe is mounted in the socket for replacement at the time of damage. You can use a variety of different types of pins or test probes for online test fixtures.

The main design change is with the test board of the spring loaded electrical contact head or tip. Each type of head has the most suitable special application.

Dents Tip:

These spring loaded electrical contacts are typically used to connect to terminal posts.

SMT spring contact pins wholesale SMT spring contact pins wholesale
[MF200-1111] SMT spring contact pins [FF400-1110] Female terminal pins

Spherical Radius:

These ripples can be used when mating with the edges on a printed circuit board.

Taper Tip:

This format of the circuit test probe is typically used to mount the PCB through-hole or directly to the PCB track.

Single Tip:

These are usually used in conjunction with solder joints because the tip can penetrate the oxide film on the solder to achieve good contact.

Through hole spring loaded electrical contact pins Spring loaded PCB SMD SMT pogo pin
[BP26311] Through hole spring loaded electrical contact [BP93611] Spring loaded PCB SMD SMT pogo pin

More tips:

These tips may be used when connecting over a larger area of solder. A plurality of serrations refer to several contact points that can be made by the oxide layer on the solder. They can also be used to connect to conventional parts, ie no surface mount. The probe serrations will be connected to the solder and wires protruding through the plate.

Wiring in the fixture is usually not neatly stacked together. Although this may not be beautiful, it reduces the level of crosstalk and stray capacitance. It can also reduce the length of the internal wiring of the lamp, since the shortest path between the two points can be used within the cause.

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