The impact of the covid-19 keep people alert of crowed places. Now there are still some areas need to be quarantined.Among isolating observation point and home quarantine observation points, magnetic door alarm system are widely used to avoid the low efficiency of “man-to-man” methods. For the quarantine observation personnel, the 24-hour temperature patch technology is widely used in each community, so that medical personnel do not have to come to their house frequently to take the temperature, and the error or even misstatement caused by the self-reported temperature of individuals is also prevented.

Elements of the "science and technology battle" under COVID-19


Working principle of the 24-hour temperature patch:

The hardware of the smart temperature patch consists of two parts: a charging storage box and a temperature patch sensor. It monitors the temperature test data in real time through the APP on the mobile phone terminal.

The charging storage box is composed of PCBA, magnet, pogo pin male end -pin, plastic body of the charging box, battery bin and battery cover; The temperature patch sensor is composed of a spring pin female end – solid pin, magnet, FPCA and soft glue.

When the object temperature rises above 37.5 degrees, the charging box will send off a beeping fever alarm, and the numbers on the screen will turn red and flash. When the temperature is lower than 34 degrees, the charging storage box will also send out an alarm. In addition, the temperature paste as a whole is waterproof design, users can use water or alcohol wipe clean, or even directly wash.The clean ways are simple and convenient, clean and hygienic.


Although it is only a small pogo pin, it has a great use which bring lots of convenience to our lives in all aspect. The government has taken many measures to keep communities safe.In order to avoid direct contact with the staff,they has sent unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) for covid-19 prevention propaganda, and uses the empty car distribution and epidemic prevention materials, articles for daily use, both to reduce the direct contact with the people from cross-infection risk, as well as improving the working efficiency.