The 26th Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition came to a close on August 6th.Connecting the Lights, Illuminating the Future.In the 26th Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition, we brought our customers excellent LED charging solutions using magnetic charging connection, perfectly showing our customers the significant advantages of magnetic charging application in LED lights.

During the exhibition, our professional R & D talent shared in-depth intro of Pogo pin and magnetic know-how with our customers, exchanged and communciated over the magnetic connector LED application advantages, showing the convenience and stability that magnetic charging connectiton brings to the LED light.The potential for LED lights in magnetic connectors is promising. Never had access to Leds using this type of connector and still charging with traditional plug-type connectors, some of our partners showed great interestes in our booth. While others put forward their requirments for better performance magnetic solutions.


The 26th Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition

CFE Pogo pin magnetic connector solutions are widely used in the field of LED lighting, outdoor lighting, for example, the different usage scenarios such as commercial lighting and interior lighting, and meanwhile we provide diversified pin structure to meet the demand of design and parameters of different applications.Innovative, safe and reliable magnetic connection solutions strengthen the bonds with our partners and drives us to provide service globally.