Bright light begins with ingenuity.  The 26th Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition will start from August 3 to 6, 2021.  CFE specializes in the development of spring-needle magnetic-magnet connector solutions, and continues to develop customized solutions for our partners in the LED field to meet different application environments.

Bright light begins with ingenuity

CFE’s  Pogo pin magnetic connector solutions are used in a wide range of LED lighting applications, such as outdoor lighting, commercial lighting and indoor lighting.  The main reasons for the popularity of magnetic charging are the breakthrough of pogo pin magnetic charging compared to traditional charging and the possibility of technological breakthrough and iteration.  Magnetic connection in charging and signal transmission and other functions proves outstanding performance, such as automatic adsorption, disconnection without damaging the machine, durable tolerance, excellent sealing performance, miniaturization and space saving advantages.  With the theme of “Connecting the Lights, Illuminating the Future”of  CFE Lighting exhibition , we provide acceess more innovative and fashionable experience for our partners.