Pogo pin is formed by the three basic components, a needle shaft, a spring, and a needle tube, which are riveted, and prepressed by precision instruments. Pogo pins are generally used for precision connections in electronic products such as mobile phones, communications, automobiles, medical treatment, and aerospace. The corrosion resistance, stability, and durability of these connectors can be customized depending on the project requirements.

Pogo Pin 3D Structure Analysis and Usage Method Illustration

In the work, customers often ask how to use the Pogo pin, in fact, here, you can first confirm the needs of the product, such as product application, current, structure, service life, use environment, product size, etc. Common ways to use Pogo pins.

①Plain Base                                        ⑤Screw Type
②Plug-in Type                                    ⑥Welding Cup Type
③Bending Type                                  ⑦Side Hole Type
④Double Pin Shaft

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