With the rapid development of information technology and the Internet, wearable devices represented by smart watches and smart wristbands are rapidly and widely used, while wearable smart wristbands play the role of personal trainers, tracking and improving fitness conditions. As people pursue the quality of products, the introduction of smart wristbands changes, so as to promote the improvement of experience. The meaning of the product rise in the brand service and life rather than the product itself.

The advantages of smart bracelet with magnetic suction connector:

  1. The male side adopts double permanent magnet and pin design.
  2. Automatic bonding and docking of male and female ends.
  3. Pogo pinconnector, durable at least 20,000 times
  4. Save device end mechanism design space.
  5. When the charging cable is pulled vigorously, it will be separated automatically without damaging the equipment.
  6. No nickel release, resistance to electrolysis and corrosion.

CFE provides solutions that are resistant to impact, vibration, torque and extreme temperatures; Bearing high current (2A-40A), support for transmission of USB 2.0, HDMI and Ethernet, plug and remove life (≥ 50,000 times), waterproof (IP68), short circuit, good EMI shielding, etc. The appearance and style are diversified, which can match the appearance of the host products and improve the selling point of the product grade. Excellent corrosion resistance rating (48H-120H) to meet harsh environment use. CFE provides a variety of pin structure to meet the design and parameter requirements of different applications, with innovative, safe and reliable magnetic suction connection solutions to serve all kinds of customers around the world.