Health is the greatest wealth of a person. As a conscientious office worker, do you often feel tired and dry eyes? Recently, Philips have released an eye massager.

The product has three highlights, namely support for eye massage, hot and cold compresses, and a very convenient detachable magnetic battery for power supply. The detachable magnetic battery is powered by a wireless design, which ensure that you can use it freely and give you a “wireless” massage experience. In terms of battery life, the fuselage has a built-in 600mAh battery, which can be used for about 36 minutes on a single charge. It can not only be charged with the battery, but also can be charged with the magnetic charging cable, and it can be charged while being used.

Whether it is massage goggles, heating goggles, and other more and more wearable products use this pogo pin magnetic charging solution. This solution can achieve 360°blind suction, without the need to align the plug like traditional interfaces. The hole can be charged by directly approaching it, and the design space of the device side structure can be saved at the same time.

The pogo pin connector and magnetic connector products produced by CFE adopt environmentally friendly lead-free raw materials, which can meet environmental protection requirements such as nickel-free release and CP65. The self-developed special coating can resist electrolytic sweat for 15 days and is corrosion-resistant. 208H and other high-demand performance.