The popularity and use of electric vehicles and electric scooters has been growing over the past decade. So far, this trend shows no sign of slowing down.

  1. The difference between electric vehicles and traditional vehicles

The most essential difference between an electric vehicle and a conventional vehicle is the energy used to drive the vehicle. Electric vehicles adopt the method of charging, and connect the charger with the car, which will also carry out sustainable development to the end. The charging time of an electric vehicle always depends on the combination between the battery type and the vehicle’s charging capacity and the power output of the charging station. Charging stations are divided into Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3. Generally speaking, a Level 3 charging station (DC fast charger) can charge a vehicle in a few minutes. That’s why it’s often ideal for short stops like gas stations and fleet depots.

New energy vehicle pogo pin charging solution

  1. Why can level 3 charging stations achieve fast charging?

AC stands for “alternating current” which alternates as it changes direction periodically, and DC stands for “direct current” and flows in a straight line. However, normal batteries can only store direct current. Level 3 charging stations use DC fast chargers, so they can charge quickly within minutes.

  1. What are the advantages of pogo pin charging for new energy vehicles?

First of all, the CFE pogo pin can pass a high current of up to 60A. And all of them use direct current to charge the product to meet the charging requirements, and at the same time can transmit data signals. When the car is fully charged, it can give timely feedback to the owner through the corresponding APP. Second, pogo pins are small in size and long in life. A small pogo pin can last up to 1 million times. Users do not need to worry about the short life cycle of the product, the product is not durable and other issues. Finally, CFE pogo pins are extremely corrosion resistant. Our products can provide customers with qualified test reports such as salt spray test, sweat test and electrolytic resistance test.

It is undeniable that the arrival of the era of new energy electric vehicles means that the future is electric. The era of the internal combustion engine (ICE) is finally coming to an end.