The structure of Pogo Pin includes plunger, barrel and spring,the materials chosen for the three parts are different.

Common materials for Pogo Pin barrel: The cost of brass is relatively low, beryllium copper has excellent electronic properties and low impedance; Phosphor bronze is selected for the use of some high-frequency signal transmission products. Usually the barrel is not heat treated because the barrel needs to be bent during the assembly. Selective quenching is an option, but it will affect the cost of the whole product.

Common materials for Pogo Pin plunger:The basic material selection is similar to that of the barrel. The only difference is that the plunger can be made of materials with ultra-high hardness, such as SK4, we choose it as the plunger because it has better hardness and is also conducive to turning processing, it is a good option for plunger head protection, it requires heat treatment to achieve a hard structure and maintain the integrity of the tip. All above materials can be CNC, cam machine turning.

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