1. It has stable current transmission

Compared with shrapnel connectors of the same size, pogo pin connectors have greater compression and more stable contact. When subjected to strong external force, the spring pressure of pogo pin connectors changes relatively small.


  1. It can effectively save PCB board space

Under the same amount of compression, the pogo pin connector takes up less space than the spring connector.


  1. The contact point is more stable

The contact point of the pogo pin connector does not move when it is compressed, while the shrapnel connector will move relatively. The stable contact point can allow the product to obtain stable electrical performance and better play the product’s performance.


  1. Longer service life

The pogo pin connector can be retracted at least 10,000 times, and the pogo pin connector with better quality can be retracted more than 100,000 times, which also makes the product life longer.

  1. It’s fast to produce and low cost

The pogo pin connector does not require mold opening and stamping, and  development sample and mass production time are short, so the pogo pin connector is the most economical and fastest way to choose a connector.