Under the influence of the cold air, most areas of the world has received the greetings of the cold air. However, people who work outdoors will not succumb to the cold air, and they still stick to their posts. The advancement of science and technology is to bring more convenience to people, and it has also made great achievements in this field.

To combat the challenge of severe winter, there are mature graphene and alloy fiber heating sheet technologies on the market to challenge. Carbon brazing heating sheets are used between the surface layer of the clothing and the thermal insulation layer, and then connected to the battery for charging through insulated wires head. Even though to make the battery connection port small and thin requires certain technology, the magnetic pogo pin connector solves this problem.

Applying the magnetic connector charger to the cold-proof clothing, and the female end of the magnetic connector is built into the battery charger interface and hidden in the clothes pocket. Because the female end is small and thin, it is easy to hide and protect the beauty of the clothes. The male and female end realize zero resistance to suction, and can be automatically disconnected when encountering resistance, without causing any damage to the product. At the same time, the service life of the pogo pin is longer than that of ordinary chargers, which can increase the service life and improve the quality of use. High-quality, safe and fast charging increases the user’s happiness and satisfaction with the product.

CFE, as a pogo pin magnetic connector manufacturer, is committed to the research and development and production of pogo pins and magnetic connectors products. With 13 years of experience and experimental accumulation, CFE uses sophisticated technology to create perfect products and wholeheartedly one-stop customer service.