Handheld devices as a branch of mobile devices have been favored by some merchants because of its pocket-sized mini volume. Especially in the logistics industry, in the global village environment connected by the Internet, the Internet of Thing is also general trend. Taking the logistics industry as a example, the addition of handheld devices has greatly improved the efficiency of logistics industry.  Easily scanning the express delivery into warehouse, and tracking its information in real time, so that consumers can transparently grasp the express delivery information.

The development of handheld devices is also from traditional connection to magnetic connection, realizing the technological reform and product upgrade. According to the development trend of the industry, CFE provides reliable and innovative magnetic connector charging solutions for handheld devices.

Comparing with the traditional Mirco USB interface, etc., the magnetic connector charging interface can realize automatic adsorption and 100% self-positioning. The pogo pin components can transmit a large current of up to 40A, and have a long life, with a durability of up to 100,000 times. For special waterproof and dust-proof requirements, it can also reach IP68 level. The traditional interface has a short service life, is not easy to achieve waterproof and dust-proof, and cannot achieve zero contact force and other disadvantages.

Magnetic connectors can not only be used for handheld devices in logistics, but also for outdoor navigators, POS machines, and RFID PAD data collectors for handheld devices.

magnetic spring loaded connector for handheld devices