Thousands of tempers have created the mountains, the fire is burning like a leisurely, Don’t underestimate the precision pogo pin connector which can play a role in connection and data transmission in various industries.Pogo pin connector designed and manufactured form CFE will go through a series of stringent tests before being delivered in time to customers. CFE has four complete laboratories: comprehensive laboratory, mechanical laboratory, environmental laboratory and chemical laboratory. And CFE has established CNAS testing center that meets the ISO17025 international standard to meet the requirements of customers in various harsh application environments.

High current spring loaded pogo pin

The following introduces the test items that CFE independently developed and produced the pogo pin connector to pass:

First, Mechanical performance test

1.(contact retention force)

2.(spring force)

3.(durability test)

4.(mechanical shock)

Second, Electrical performance test

1.(insulation resistance)

2.(withstanding voltage)

3.(low level contact resistance LLCR)

4.(temperature rise)

Third, Environmental performance test

1.(salt spray)


3.(temperature cycling or thermal shock)

4.(temperature life)


6.(resistance to solder)

7.(solder ability)

8.(solder ability)

9.Electrolysis resistance of coating