Automotive Connection

ver the years of cooperation with our automotive partners,CFE understand how stringent and harsh its application environment can be.In a response to that,CFE has developed specific structure and design of modularized products to buffer against vibration and guarantee stability.With the certification of IATF16949 system and automation ability ,it proves us to be a dependable tailored-solutions provider in the fast-lane of automotive developing.

With the opening of the era of Internet of vehicles and the popularization of intelligent driving, it is necessary to collect and process more data at a faster speed. One type is the sensors such as cameras inside and outside the vehicle, radar and laser radar.

One category includes vehicle-to-vehicle(V2V),

vehicle-to-network(V2N),vehicle-to-infrastructure(V2I),vehicle-to-pedestrian(V2P), vehicle-to-utility (V2U), and Internet of vehicles (V2X) wireless communications.

Automotive Connection

Automotive connector presents stringent requirements, technical barriers, high customer barriers. Due to the special safety requirements of automotive connectors, the performance focus is mainly high voltage, high current, anti-interference and other electrical properties; Also automotive connectors need to have long mechanical life, vibration and impact resistance and other long-term in the dynamic working environment of good mechanical properties; At the same time, since the driving tends to be in bad environmental conditions, connectors also need to have high temperature resistance, humidity resistance, salt spray resistance, anti-corrosion gas and other environmental performance.

Vehicle is related to personal safety of the transport tool so the quality requirements of the automobile connector is more demanding,which means the corresponding supplier must obtain IATF16949 quality system certification.The process of how an automotive supplier access qualification audit is stringent. From initial contact to become a  customer formal supplier system, one will go through technical communication, business system, audit quality system, technical system of which requires suppliers with product research and development ability, process control, supply security, product test ability, spare parts production security and after-sales service, a long period of time in the supplier system. This is a big challenge for companies that supply connectors for auto parts.

Automotive Connection

Founded in 2009, CFE is certified by IATF16949 to provide customized vehicle connectivity solutions.  Applications include micro sensors, vehicle-mounted display screens, GPS, new energy charging piles, and mobile office. Obtained the certification and trust of our customers in the automotive industry,CFE has a perfect vertical production system, the internal mold design and manufacturing, precision stamping and injection production is the premise to ensure product precision, and undoubtedly automatic assembly improves the production efficiency.

As new energy vehicles are more in line with the development trend of automated driving and Internet of vehicles in the future, and with the characteristics of energy saving and environmental protection, they meet the concerns of the international community on energy shortage and environmental pollution. With the increasing penetration rate of new energy vehicles and the continuous improvement of automotive electronization and intelligence, CFE is facing broader market opportunities and stringent and diversified demands from customers.