Nowadays, more and more electrical products have replaced the traditional charging method with magnets to adsorb pogopin charging.

The principle is to adsorb male end and female end through the NS-level magnets at both ends,providing the current circuit for both ends.

The core components of the magnetic charging cable structure include: pogo pin connectors, magnets, and cable.

As shown below:

701-5PIN Magnetic cable

Different products have very different requirements for applications and magnetic charging cables.

Factors affecting the price of magnetic charging cables:

  1. Performance requirements (voltage and current, dust-proof and water-proof, impedance, life, adsorption, etc.)
  2. The degree of complexity of the structure (pogopin electrode structure, connector structure, fixing method, wire part)
  3. Electroplating of internal pogopin electrode (coating material, coating thickness, craft, etc.)
  4. Material requirements (environmental protection, RoHS, etc.)
  5. Standard parts or customized parts
  6. The delivery date of the required goods, etc.

In this fast-developing information age, the prices of magnetic charging cables marked on the Internet are uneven.

It is recommended to work with formal and strong team, communicate with detailed product requirements, and obtain a formal quotation.

All the quotations of CFE’s pogo pin magnetic connectors and pogo pin magnetic charging cables are reviewed by the professional quotation department and submitted to the customer.

CFE magnetic connector